Rachel Latham – Postdoctoral research assistant

Rachel completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Sussex in 2017.  Her research interests are in developmental psychology; in particular understanding the influence of the family and home environment on children’s development.

Rachel’s doctoral research focused on coparenting – the way in which mothers and fathers work together as parents – in families with young twins. For this, she examined parents’ perceptions of the quality of their coparenting as a critical context in which to explore the effects of harsh parenting on the development of children’s disruptive behaviour. Rachel’s broader interests include behaviour genetics, individual differences and family interventions.

Previously, Rachel has worked in frontline roles for Brighton and Hove Children’s Services (2009-2013) supporting vulnerable children and families, and as a Research Intern at the Early Intervention Foundation (2015-2016) with whom she remains affiliated as an Associate Researcher.

In March 2017, Rachel joined the Hungry Mind Lab as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant; here she is involved in data analysis and write-up for the LENA and imQ projects. Rachel is now working at the IoPPn at King’s College London.