Our first publication about imagination is now out.

Since being awarded a grant by the Imagination Institute in 2015, we've been working hard on our imQ project to bring about a better scientific understanding of imagination. We're pleased to announce that our first peer-reviewed publication, an entry in the Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, is now available to read online. You can [...]

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It’s time to change the face of psychology

We've published a blog post on the Research Whisperer website about gender equality that we see in our specific field of psychological study; personality and individual differences. Using data from recent meetings of the most relevent annual conferences, the Personality and Individual Differences journal and the latest version of the Handbook of Individual Differences, we [...]

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Our latest iPhone application

We've partnered with PSYT again to create another app to enable us to do innovative and large-scale data collection. Our appis aimed at mothers with infants between 2 and 15 weeks old to monitor mother and baby's development and well-being. If you're a new mum and would like to get involved and use our app, [...]

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We’ve made a video about our Better Data event!

With a little help from our friends, we've put together a video about what to expect from our Better Data event: https://t.co/nGfSoApigp pic.twitter.com/U4ZpuzgEnf — Hungry Mind Lab (@HungryMindLab) 11 October 2016

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Better Data Event

If you're following us on Twitter, you might have seen us tweet about our upcoming event, Better Data, which is going to take place in central London on the 26th of October. It's aimed at early career researchers in the behavioural sciences, to allow you to network with experts in the field, learn about the [...]

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LENA Summer Newsletter

We've put together our summer newsletter for LENA, which gives you an update on the latest developments in the project as we approach the end of data collection and start to focus on analysis. You can read the newsletter online here.

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