LENA Interview

Our Lab Director, Dr von Stumm, was recently interviewed by the Wellcome Trust for the LENA Project. In the interview, she shares the benefits of being a Science Seed Awardee for the Wellcome Trust, and how this scheme has supported her work for the LENA Project and her career in general as a researcher. She also shares her viewpoints [...]

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moo-Q launched!

In August last year we received funding from the British Academy to develop an iphone application that helps assessing mood and cognitive ability on-the-go. After successful preliminary research in the lab, many hours of data crunching, and much work on the drawing board, we now proudly launch our app-ropriately named "moo-Q". moo-Q is a free scientific IOS app that you [...]

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British Academy Award

The British Academy/ Leverhulme Small Grant Scheme will fund Dr von Stumm's project with the title "Day-to-day within-person variability in cognitive performance and affect" (£7938). Here, the relationship between people's cognitive performance and mood will be studied over time, using an experience sampling method. Specifically, we will develop an iphone application that allows monitoring people's [...]

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Mensa Award for Excellence in Research

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation awarded Dr von Stumm the 2014 Award for Excellence in Research for her publication: von Stumm, S., Hell, B., & Chamorro-Premuzic, T. (2011). The hungry mind: Intellectual curiosity as third pillar of academic performance. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6, 574-588.

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