The main screen stats consist of the number of responses you give, your response rate and the typical response time. Those describe the quality of your responses and if they can be used for our research. You can help us with this by responding to every alert as soon as possible. This is important because when you respond later or not at all, it might be systematically different from when you respond soon after the alert. The stats help you keep track of your responses:

Alerts completed is the total number of responses you have given when you were alerted. However, this excludes times when you have completed tasks without receiving an alert.

Response rate is the frequency of times that you responded after receiving an alert. You help us by keeping this number high! Please note that if you do not respond to an alert and receive another one, you can only respond to the most recent alert.

Typical response time: here the app counts how much time it takes you on average to open the app in response to an alert. 1-2 Minutes is an excellent average response time.