Radhika Kandaswamy – Postdoctoral researcher

Radhika joined the Hungry Mind Lab to work on an ERAB funded project into gene-environment interactions in adolescents’ alcohol use behaviour. You can read one of her papers in this area here.

Previously, Radhika investigated how environmental exposures, like victimization and drug use such as cannabis, can leave marks on the genome and cause changes in gene expression specifically via epigenetic mechanisms. She has experience in conducting chromosome conformation capture experiments, which are useful for exploring long-range interactions between genetic loci and their impact on regulation of the transcriptome. Her doctoral research at University College London was based on investigating genetic variation in glutamate receptor genes and their role in bipolar disorder.

Radhika has organised international, multi-disciplinary workshops for postgraduate students and is involved in teaching postgraduate students at King’s College London. She has also participated in public awareness events about mental health and genetics.