We’ve posted the data that we collected in the lab for our moo-Q project on this page, for anyone to use. They were collected with funding from the British Academy/ Leverhulme Small Grant Scheme.

The data can be downloaded as an SPSS file (.sav) below. There’s also a handy guide to the data that includes information about the sample, procedure and measures etc.

The data were originally published here: von Stumm (2016). Is day-to-day variability in cognitive function coupled with day-to-say variability in affect? Intelligence, in press.

Terms of Use
The data are to be used for research purposes only. Feel free to use the data for your own publication(s) — we only ask that you acknowledge the source and cite the reference above as the first peer-reviewed, published description of the data. By downloading the data file, you accept these terms of use.

Download data guide

Download .sav file and accept terms of use

The data are also stored at and available from the Open Science Framework.