Novel research technology enables the collection of ‘big’ high-quality data, which are the marrow of all science. However, many early career researchers lack the necessary expertise and resources for using these technologies in their own studies. To alleviate this problem and help early career researchers to produce better science, we host events that introduce researchers to new technologies for measuring behaviour.

Our next event will take place on the 4th and 5th of February at the Royal Society in London. It’s called “Big data for better science: Technologies for measuring behiavour”. We’ll hear from an amazing group of speakers and have showcases where you can try out some technologies. More details and how to register (for free!) are on the Royal Society website.

We’ve previously host similar events, for example in 2016 at SOAS in central London, which was supported by the British Academy. The event offered the next generation of scientists a unique opportunity to experience the latest technology used to assess behaviour and to network with scientists, technology companies and media experts. To learn more about that meeting, please visit