Dr Sophie von Stumm – Lab Director


Sophie von Stumm is Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths University of London, where she also completed her PhD. She also teaches at NYU London, Birkbeck, and University College London (UCL).

Sophie’s research interest focuses on individual differences in cognitive development across the lifespan. Most recently, Sophie has secured funding from the Wellcome Trust to study language and cognitive development in 2 to 4 year old children. Her other major research effort is the study of Imagination, including how imagination can be assessed using psychometric tests and if it can be improved through targeted training. In February 2013, Sophie won the Early Career Award from the International Society of Individual Differences (ISSID).

Check out Sophie’s profile at the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths: http://www.gold.ac.uk/psychology/staff/stumm/

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