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Your moo-Q feedback explained:

Complete a minimum of 5 alerts, and you can unlock your moo-Q chart that shows your mood & cognitive performance in terms of:

Sophie DaysPositive affect refers to experiencing positive emotions. When you are high on positive affect, you feel enthusiastic, energetic, confident, active and alert.

Negative affect describes low mood that goes hand in hand with experiencing distress, anxiety and even anger. Luckily, negative affect states don’t last for long and are often situation-dependent.

Short-term memory is a limited storage capacity in your brain that holds information for 20 to 30 seconds. The information is then either forgotten or passed on to your long-term memory stores, where it may remain indefinitely.

Processing speed is a measure of your cognitive efficiency. It involves the ability to automatically perform relatively easy tasks – it’s quite similar to the horsepower of a car, just for the brain!

Working memory holds and processes information that you already hold in your short-term memory and new information input. In other words, it’s the ability to continuously do mental operations: specifially, the ability to be working your memory.

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