We are mainly interested in three parameters about language that LENA derives automatically by analysing the recordings with specific software package. The three parameters are (a) the number of words the child has spoken, (b) the number of words the child has heard, and (c) the number of conversations that the child has had, where the child says something, another person responds, and the child says something back again. We want to see how these three parameters relate to children’s general cognitive development and to their parents’ language and reading habits.

This is in many ways an exploratory study: we try to find out if parents and children enjoy using LENA, and if the parameters extracted by LENA software are useful for studying childhood development. In case we find something interesting, we will try to publish our findings in scientific journal. In that case, we’ll also probably try to start an even bigger project with more children and families to collect even more data on language development. No child or family will be identifiable from the data, and all recordings will be stored safely and anonymously.