After registering with moo-Q, you will answer some basic demographic questions. Also, you will choose the times during the day that you want receive alerts from moo-Q – after all we don’t want to wake you up on a Sunday morning if you don’t want to – and how often you want to be notified per day. moo-Q will send its alerts accordingly.

The moo-Q alerts will prompt you to open the app and complete mood ratings and three short tasks in a safe environment (so not when you’re in the middle of the birthday party and about to dig into that delicious cake). You will then be asked to answer a few brief questions about your surroundings and activities you’ve done on the day.

When you have completed the app five times, you will be able to access charts of your personal mood and brain power over time. With that you can see when you were in the best mood and had the greatest brain power!
You can also complete moo-Q any time you feel like it. You don’t have to wait for an alert to prompt you but moo-Q will send them to remind you to complete the app. You can change or switch off the moo-Q alerts in the app settings.