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New paper: Breastfeeding & IQ

Our latest study on breastfeeding and IQ just came out in PLoS One: get it here. In data from more than 11,000 children from the UK born between 1994 and 1996, we found no meaningful association between breastfeeding and IQ at age 2. Also, breastfeeding was not related to IQ gains that occured between age [...]

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New publication: Seeing red affects IQ?

Previous research had suggested that viewing red before completing a cognitive task, for example sitting an exam, was associated with poorer performance outcomes. In a new study just published in Intelligence, Emma Larsson and Sophie von Stumm found that this effect is, however, most likely the result of sampling bias. The study's summary is here: [...]

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New publication: SES affects IQ growth

In a new study out in Intelligence, Sophie von Stumm and Robert Plomin showed that children from high socioeconomic status families (SES) scored about 6 IQ points better than low SES children age 2 and that, in addition, this early difference had tripled by the time that children reached 16 years of age. Data were [...]

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British Academy Award

The British Academy/ Leverhulme Small Grant Scheme will fund Dr von Stumm's project with the title "Day-to-day within-person variability in cognitive performance and affect" (£7938). Here, the relationship between people's cognitive performance and mood will be studied over time, using an experience sampling method. Specifically, we will develop an iphone application that allows monitoring people's [...]

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Mensa Award for Excellence in Research

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation awarded Dr von Stumm the 2014 Award for Excellence in Research for her publication: von Stumm, S., Hell, B., & Chamorro-Premuzic, T. (2011). The hungry mind: Intellectual curiosity as third pillar of academic performance. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6, 574-588.

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